Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup Party - My farewell party

Unbelievable how incredibly fast time went by. I arrived in the USA almost one year ago. After uncounted farewell parties for the other interns and some sad farewell moments, it was my term now to say goodbye to the intern community. As you can imagine preparing your farewell party also let you realize that your internship is about to end. So you expect it with some sadness on one hand but also with some excitement on the other hand as this the moment you can celebrate the good times and memories and thank all the interns for the fantastic time we had here.
Jill, one of our American interns, was also finishing her internship and so we decided to host it together. With all the farewell parties having a theme, we needed to come up with one as well. Due to the soccer fever amongst the interns, we chose to have a "Soccer World Cup Party".
Everyone dressed up in either their national teams jersey or in sports cloths.

One of the best things that night was having Tyra, Ryan and Rayl coming up from Washington. I was so happy to have them with me sharing my party. At some point in time the "emotional moment" comes. Time for the flag and farewell slide ceremony. Being my closest friend here, Mona was holding my speech and I was so nervous when I got the flag and the slides that I completely forgot what I wanted so say in my speech. In the end ,I recommend to everyone to make the most out of the time being here, travelling, connecting with people, getting to know the American culture and people.
It was a wonderful party and it will always be a great memory.

Unfortunately, Tyra had to go back home to Washington the next morning. While I was cleaning the intern house in West Chester with Jill, I send Ryan and Rayl to Philadelphia to do some sightseeing. We all connected in the evening back at my house in Wayne where Betty and Bill were holding my farewell BBQ. I invited a few other interns to have BBQ with us and hanging out together the whole night.

Ryan and Rayl left the next day after breakfast and I started to pack my stuff. This was the day of moving out of Wayne. I would stay the next 2 weeks with Mona to enjoy time with her. Tim was on vacation in Germany that time. It was the day of the Soccer World Cup final match but I didn't pay much attention to it as the packing process took much longer than I thought. Packing all my clothes together, made me even more realizing the time here in the USA came to an end and I became really sad. I had a very emotional afternoon, as it became clear to me how much I enjoyed living with Betty and Bill in Wayne and how bounded I felt to that house. But with all that sadness to leave it also helped to appreciate and value the time and the opportunity I had to experience all that and to live here. And still, I had 4 more weeks to stay in the USA after the end of my internship.

So, back to the fun part, here are more pictures from Jill and my farewell party:

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