Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beach time

Right at the second weekend after my arrival, I went with the girls to New Jersey at the beach. It is so cool that they know all these places and just join them. We had really good weather, it was really hot. :p:p From my place, you can reach a cupple of good beaches within 1,5 hours drive or more. It may sound long but here it is nothing, everything is so open and wide, you don't even mention the distance. So we left early and stayed there all day. It feels abit like holidays when you can go to the beach for the weekend. I love it!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Job news

The most of you already know it but for those who forgot it: I work in the Marketing/Communications department for CT Scanner. My work started July 20. At the moment I have a six week overlap with my predecessor Carolin. She is also german and we have great time in our little cube. The office has many little cubes, as you know them in the movies. Carolin trains me very good, she explains everything and my boss and my colleagues let me already do a lot of things alone and leaves me already a good amount of responsibility. I learned quite a lot and it is interesting to see actually how all the theory that we learned comes into practice. My boss Larry is so cool and also the other 3 people in my team. I feel already well integrated and comfortable there.
I am really happy with my position, I guess I will pick up a lot of new things, the job is really challenging. I was so busy the last and will become even more once Carlin has left.
The working conditions are cool also. We don't have to register when we come or leave for work or for break. As long as the work is done, we can work whenever we want and we are also able to work from home as we all got our own laptops.
The interns usually meet for lunch and for the CB - the 'Coffee break' at 2.45pm.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New York - Limo ride

The first weekend in the States was awesome!!!After I picked up my car with Vicky, one of my housemates, we shared the car with 3 other interns from Siemens and drove up to New York. As we arrived there, we went to Harlem where our hostel was. We quickly dressed up and rushed to the meeting point at Union Square. And there it was: A white HUMMER stretch limousine!

We were around 20 people, all international interns from Siemens.

When we entered, it was sooo wicked! Flashy lights all over, leatherseats, ice for the drinks and so on...I could not believe it.

The ride took around 3 hours and we had 3 stops. One was at the viewpoint for the statue of liberty, one was at Brooklyn Bridge and the last one at Times Square.

For me, everything was so unreal! My first day in the US and directly driving around in Manhattan with that limo, I couldn't really believe it. But of course we all had so much fun.

And a good point for me was also that I got know almost all interns on that night. It is great community, they organise a lot of trips and events together. After the ride we rocked the dancefloor in a nightclub.Really cool!
The next day was more lazy. After checking out, we went to the Central Park to chill around and about 5 it was time to go home. I was soooo tired that night because I could still feel the jet lag a bit. But this was just such an amazing weekend and that was just the start here!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My first weekend

So this is the start of my whole America adventure... I arrived in New York at the JFK Airport on July 17, 2009. From there I took the bus down to the city and hopped on a Greyhound bus which took me straight to Philadelphia. On this 2 hour trip I got to know a really nice and funny American lady, her name is Babette. As we arrived in Philly, my housemate was supposed to pick me up but she was stuck in atraffic jam on the highway. The bus station in Philly didn't appear really safe for a young lady because there where a lot of beggers and other figures hanging around. So I went downtown with Babette because she lives there in appartment right in the city centre right next to the park. I left my luggage with the doorman and we went in a cool bar to wait. Finally Vicky arrived half an hour later together with Bill, my landlord and after a glass of wine we went 'home'. When we arrived here, my room was set up already and I just fell into my bed.