Sunday, June 13, 2010

Soccer World Cup 2010: Bring it on!

The last weekends, I spent my days in Washington with Tyra hanging out with her at her pool and went to a Mexican Party with Ryan. The other weekend was also beachtime but this time in Chestertown, MD. But the most important event was the soccer game of the German national team on Sunday. We played our first game against Australia. Believe me, if we wouldn’t have so many Germans around and having our bets going on, we would have probably missed it. There are almost no commercials about it, they don’t play the soccer songs in the radio, not even the official song. In addition, the entire excitement and atmosphere about it is missing, as this just not so popular here. But among the interns, we were enough people who wanted to watch the games and get a little bit of that feeling. We were able to rent a clubhouse for that afternoon and could watch it on the projector. Everyone tried to show up with a German jersey or at least a German flag or some threads in our colors. So at least we got a taste of the great soccer world cup feeling. And having the German team winning made it even better!

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