Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer activities...

This weekend was a weekend at home which doesn't mean that I stayed in the house all day. One of my co-workers just got married 4 weeks ago in Italy. As she only had her closest family with her in Italy, they decided to have a garden party at home with all co-workers and friends here in the US. Mona and I offered our help that she could really enjoy the party and didn't need to worry about all the little things that happen when you are the host. It was a sunny summer day and we all had a wonderful time.

Since a long time, I wanted to take a bike and riding the Schuylkill River trail. My landlords Betty and Bill had offered me to use the bikes several times before. As we had this beautiful weather going on, my roomie Svenja and I decided to take action and try it out. Unfortunately, to reach the trail, we had to drive on the street first which is really frightening with the Americans driving in their cars. They are not used to have cyclists around, so this was quite an experience, I can tell you. To finally reach the trail, we had to cross the Schuylkill river on a very narrow bridge.

Svenja and I were scared to death when we crossed it as the ground of the bridge was made of wooden blankets which didn’t look very promising…but we made it. Once we reached the trail were riding our bikes, it felt so good! The trail has a lot of green surroundings and sometimes it looked so familiar to home that we thought we are back in Germany.

The trail is going all the way to Philadelphia but we turned around after a while as it was too late to go all the way to Philly and back.

Mona and Tim live on our way back home, so we stopped by and stayed for BBQ. There is no better ending for a weekend like this as sitting together with some really great friends and enjoy your BBQ!

Here are more pictures from our adventure:

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