Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm coming home...

When I got the offer for the internship to work within Siemens Healthcare in the US last year, I was really happy and excited. Being glad that university was over, I was ready to get the taste of working life.
When I arrived here, I was so surprised to have so many interns around. Finding this intern community established, was the last thing I expected. Of course, it helps you a lot to get settled and find people to spend your leisure time with. But as every intern start at a different time, there is a steady change of people. This also means that you have to accept that you will spent time with them and share memories. But you also have to accept that you will lose contact after they (or you) go home at some point in time. By saying that I am even more happy that I found a real true friend in that time, Mona. We had such a great time together and it made the time even more valuable.
I have to admit that I never exptected to travel so much and see so much of the country in that year. But with that intern community, you get pulled into that lifestyle and it is just great to explore cities together and share the memories. Of course, working full time and travelling at the weekends all the time makes you feel tired and you also realize at the end of the year that this was a great time but that you are now ready to go home and take some time on your own.
I am really glad I had the opportunity to experience all this, as this was one of the most exciting years of my life.

And I try to come back!

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