Saturday, August 14, 2010

The last days in the US...

My internship ended last week but with the visa we have, we are allowed to stay in the US 30 days after the end of your internship. A few months before I took the decision to apply for jobs within Siemens in the US because I really liked working here, speaking English at work and discover the country in my leisure time. As I was in the middle of my application process, I was happy about the possibility to stay longer. In that time, I went to see Tyra for a weekend before she left for vacation to Germany. The 2 weeks after I stayed with Mona. We went for final shopping for me, were hanging out the pool and had BBQ's.

One of my wishes was to go to the beach one more time before I would leave. So Svenja, Anni, Katharina and I chose the Saturday to go down to Avalon in New Jersey. We had beautiful beach weather, only the way down there was a bit annoying with all the traffic. Nevertheless we made it and we had a great day at the beach.

After that weekend, I had to say goodbye to Mona which was the hardest of all the farewells. On Monday afternoon, my former landlady Betty was so nice and offered me to give me a lift to the bus station in Philly. I took the bus down to Washington to spend my last days with Tyra. While she was working, I prepared my paperwork and enjoying the summer time at her pool because I didn't know what to expect from the summer in Germany. Also, I met with Ryan for dinner for the last time and we agreed that we just stay friends.
On Thursday, 2 days before my departure, I also had an interview in Delaware for a position within Siemens Diagnostics. Good timing...
On Friday, I finally packed all my suitcases and sorted some stuff that would stay with Tyra and she would bring it with her in the container when she moved later that year from the US back to Germany.

Saturday morning was time to go home. After 4 weeks living out of the suitcase and not knowing where I belong made me looking forward to go home finally. Tyra brought me to the bus station. My flight was departing from JFK Airport in New York, so I had to take the bus from Washington. Even Tyra and I knew we would see each other in Germany, it was also hard to say good bye for that moment. But all the good things come to an end, right?

Here are some pics from the last days:

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